Philae, Temple of Isis, Colonnades

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Philae, Temple of Isis, Colonnades

plan, reconstruction


West colonnade: Ptolemaic Period, Ptolemy VI, Roman Period, Nero, East Colonnade: Roman Period, Augustus, Nero, Temple of Imhotep: Ptolemaic Period, Ptolemy V, small temples and chapels east of east colonnade: Ptolemaic Period, Temple of Arensnuphis: dating from Ptolemaic Period, Ptolemy IV, Ptolemy V, Ptolemy VI, and Roman Period, Tiberius, Kiosk of Nectanebo I: Late Period, 30th dynasty, Nectanebo I, dismateled and rebuilt in Ptolemaic Period, enclosure wall dating from Ptolenmaic Period

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ID: 21198/zz002cqg7f

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